TRACES (2016)

Directed by Martha Bouziouri and Yolanda Markopoulou
FORMAT: Installation Performance
CATEGORY: Documentary/Reality Theatre
LANGUAGE: Greek, English, Arabic
PREMIERE: 27 February 2016, Bageion Hotel, Athens Biennale


What does refugee crisis mean? How do we perceive what we experience as humans, as humanity, and how will it be inscribed on our collective memory in 5, 10, 100 years from now?

Through a hybrid mixture of images, sounds, stories, testimonies, documents and real people, which follows the actual traces of the refugee route (countries of origin, transit countries, destination countries and all the borders in between) a unique experience is formed, combining a free tour within a very distinct museum with the immediacy of a theatre performance and the power of a documentary. 
This tour is an attempt for a collective documentation of the contemporary refugee experience through the eyes of the people who inhabit, momentarily, temporarily or permanently, and from different positions, different parts of the refugee journey.

This experience comes to life in the premises of an underused hotel, a space that captures and accumulates the aura and the stories of its tenants, current and past.
In this symbolic space, in its empty shells/rooms, fragments and places of the refugee journey come to life. In there, besides the exhibits-documents such as personal objects, photos, diaries and testimonies, we meet people in their actual role – people who experience and affect a historical moment, a historical transition, at the time of its formation, while it is happening.


Vera Lardi
Tilemachos Tsolis
Ramzan Mohammad
Ozgur Tonak
Aspasia Anogiati

Direction – Research – Dramaturgy: Martha Bouziouri, Yolanda Markopoulou
Original Idea: Martha Bouziouri
Scientific Consultant: Massimiliano Mollona
Production Designers: Aristotelis Karananos, Alexandra Siafkou
Lights Designer: Olympia Mytilinaiou
Interactive Media Designers: Giannis Zannos, Loukas Basoukos
Promotional photos: Elina Giounanli,
Press photos:
Line Producer: Kostis Panagiotopoulos
Marketing Strategy:Michael Sarantis
Producer:Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos

plays2place productions

In Collaboration with
Athens Biennale 2015-17 OMONOIA

In Co-Production with
Synergy-o Cultural Space

Under the auspices of
Greek Ministry of Culture
Municipality of Athens