The Game

THE GAME (2008)

Directed by Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos and Martha Bouziouri
FORMAT: Stage Performance
PREMIERE: 10 November 2008, Viktoria Theatre, Athens


An experimental theatrical play based on the well-known tale of Hans Christian Andersen called “The tin soldier”.
The story follows the life journey of The Tin Soldier beyond the tale, in a cinematic way that all the scenes look like a mind game. The Tin Soldier passes within the state of “toy” to the state of “man” and then back again, always trying to be accepted by his community.
A metaphorical view on a tale that mixes up humans and toys in a world that boundaries among reality and dreaming, ability and disability, love and loneliness, normality and non-normality do not exist.


Giannis Michalopoulos
Martha Bouziouri
Alex Klimopoulos
Georgia Koutali
Efi Lialiou
Vasilis Zaifidis

Written and directed by: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos , Martha Bouziouri
Choreography: Ioanna Apostolou
Costumes designer:Avgi Skoulidou
Music composer: Dionysis Christodoulatos
Lights designer: Pantelis Kontakis
Stills photographers: Stavros Christos Vlachakis, Spyros Staveris
Producer: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos

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