The Dome Project

The Dome Project
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The Dome Project is a cross-cultural network on sustainable alternatives & practices of solidarity, initiated from Greece and Spain and aiming at incorporating every country across EUROMENA region, with a priority towards those who undergo situations of “crisis’’ and seek a collective perspective towards societal transformation through living in quality and equality.
It was conceived as a spontaneous response to the deprivation of fundamental human rights, the scarcity of natural resources and the progressive collapse of national economies around the region. It aspires to detect, link and distribute alternative resources on key-domains such as society, education, economy, environment, technology and arts & culture, promoting the values of civic engagement, collectiveness, cooperation and solidarity while empowering resistance, emancipation and social intervention.
The driving force behind the Dome Project is the inextricability between the potential and the already existing, between the idealistic aspiration for an alternative society and the active participation in the real world as it is shaped, little by little, by engaged individuals and collectives.
It is designed as a multilayer platform that combines the elements of a database and a social network. Under this perspective, the Dome Project is not just a cartography of already existing initiatives – it is a dynamic, ever-growing matrix of social change activities, where users are invited to actively interact and generate views, concerns and suggestions to sustainable socio-cultural alternatives.
Being a collective initiative, both in its conception, implementation and goals, the Dome Project is oriented to the following results (applied impact):
• successfully circulate new ideas, services and products to stimulate people’s awareness, self capabilities and social engagement.
• empower vulnerable social groups such as unemployed, impoverished or minority populations.
• shape new forms of localism in a globalised world (“glocal” approach)
• encourage the participation of users not as mere providers/consumers of information but as creative minds and engaged citizens.
• facilitate not only virtual but also physical (applied) communication and exchange.
• maintain a replicable structure, automatically adjusted to additional localities that wish to join the network.

The Dome Project was born during the unique occasion of the 1st CIN Forum, held in Istanbul in December 2012.

Project Manager: Martha Bouziouri

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