The C/Enter Project


FORMAT: Event-based project
DATES: 30 September – 2 0ctober 2011


The C/Enter Project was designed to restore the relationship of Athenian residents with the city centre. It realized a series of interventions in the urban web, transforming squares, train stations, streets, arcades and parks into nodes of interaction, exchange, entertainment and festivity.

The heart of Athens has been the inspiration for the creation of diverse urban culture activities for our minds, bodies and souls. Together with locals, foreigners, children and adults, we shared the desire for a humane, friendly and appealing public space.


Opening Music Gig
Venue: Aggelon Vima Cultural Center

Artists and groups:
Tax Collectors
Irini Douka & Greggy K
Zand the Band
Zak Stefanou
Maro Markellou
Vaggelis Markantonis

An inclusive music show featuring Greek artists and bands in acoustic version.

Books Exhibition
Venue: Aggelon Vima Cultural Center

An extensive books exhibition with over 100 titles around the city of Athens.

Book-crossing initiative
Book-crossing spot: Aggelon Vima Cultural Center

An introduction to the philosophy of book-crossing. Gathering, recording and releasing books to find their next readers.

“Greetings from Athens”
Venue: Aggelon Vima Cultural Center

An interactive photography exhibition with the cooperation of the photo agency
Fos Photos. Images of the city are depicted on postcards and the audience is challenged to send his “post-greeting from Athens”, to known or unknown recipients.

Participatory installation
Venue: Stoa Eirinodikeiou

A personal object-trace each of the audience becomes a part of the city, contributing to a site specific installation of the visual artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis in one of the most beautiful Athenian arcades.

Fitness Break
Venue: Thission Park

Outdoors tai chi course for the mind and body, coordinated by Dennis Tsetselis, chief instructor of the Greek Academy of Tai Chi Chuan (Wu Style).

Table Games tournament
Venue: Park in the corner of Mikinon street and Megalou Alexandrou street

Dozens of popular table games waiting for players in a corner of the Kerameikos area.
An initiative implemented with the cooperation of table games shop Kaissa.

Parade/Live Performance
Venue: Monastiraki – Koumoundourou Square pedestrian route

A parade/live performance by the percussions and dance music group Quilombo, which the audience follows for forty minutes in a route within the ancient centre of the city.

Street Theatre
Venue: Koumoundourou Square

A street theatre performance implemented by the multicultural theatre group Morpheas.

Children’s Theatre
Venue: Agias Eirinis Square

Artists and Theatre Groups:
Oneirodrama Puppet Theatre Group
Mairivi Puppet Theatre Group

Cycling Tour

A different kind of tour in the evolution of Athens from 1830 until today, with drivers-guides the members of the Friends of the Bicycle.

“To differ” participatory graffiti painting
Venue: Parking in the corner of Korinis street and Sapfous street.

A collective artistic intervention in the wall of an outdoor parking with the guidance and the artistic stamp of the visual artist Manolis Anastasakos.

Film Screenings

Session: Foreigners in the same city
From the snow / Απ’το χιόνι (1993) / Sotiris Goritsas
From the edge of the city / Απ’την άκρη της πόλης (1998) / Constantine Giannaris
Delivery (2004) / Nikos Panagiotopoulos

Session: Athens at night
Athens blues / Μια μέρα τη νύχτα (2001) / Giorgos Panousopoulos
A dog’s dream / Το όνειρο του σκύλου (2004) / Angelos Frantzis
The Wake / Αγρύπνια (2005) / Nikos Grammatikos

Session: Documentaries – reconstruction of a city
No place / Ου τόπος (1991) / Soula Drakopoulou
Athens, homemade city / Αθήνα Χειροποίητη πόλη (1999) / Alexandros Papailiou
Athene / Αθήναι (1995) / Eva Stefani
12am to 6am / 12 το βράδυ με 6 το πρωί (2003) / Kalliopi Legaki
Twelve neighbours / Οδός Σφακτηρίας (2010) / Marianna Oikonomou
Athens, in search for the lost city / Αναζητώντας τη χαμένη πόλη (1993) / Soula Drakopoulou, Marco Gastine
In exchange for five apartments and one shop / Για πέντε διαμερίσματα κι ένα μαγαζί (2004) / Giannis Skopeteas


Aristic Director: Martha Bouziouri
Producer: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos
Press Officer: Sofia Karayianni
Website/ Graphic design: redjack

Initiative – Organisation
Aggelon Vima Cultural Centre
Artistic direction – Production
plays2place productions

Under the auspices of
Municipality of Athens

With the collaboration
Fos Photos
Circus Dayz
Friends of the Bicycle