Solidarity Made In Greece

Solidarity Made In Greece:
The Rebirth of Citizenship in the Era of Crisis

Director: Martha Bouziouri

FORMAT: Web-based project
LAUNCH DATE:December 2014

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“Solidarity Made In Greece: The Rebirth of Citizenship in the Era of Crisis” is a dynamic, cross-media research project attempting to produce updated knowledge in the field of grassroots solidarity during and in the aftermath of the Greek “crisis” – a transitional, politically critical period not only for Greece but Europe overall.
The project focuses on how grassroots solidarity initiatives develop and evolve in the urban communities of Athens from 2010 to 2015. In particular, it is interested in initiatives that promote a new citizenship culture, built on the values of mutual help and collectiveness, in contrast to the solidarity structures of the past which focus on the deficiencies of the welfare state. They represent not only the conscious desire to improve the quality of life within an adverse context but also the need to construct a new or reinvented model of socio-political engagement and active citizenship.

Director / Head of Research: Martha Bouziouri
Associate Researcher: Myrto Pigkou – Repousi
Videos: Kostis Babis
Initiative, Organization, Production: plays2place productions
The project was awarded a Scientific Study Grant for 2014 from J.Latsis Public Benefit Foundation for the implementation of the ethnographic research “Structures and Practices of Solidarity in the Urban Web: New Aspects of Citizenship in Athens during the economic crisis” and the production of the first 2 episodes of its mini-doc series.