Puzzle Festival


FORMAT: Event-based project
CATEGORY: Reality Theatre
DATES: 19-21 June 2009
LOCATION: Aggelon Vima Cultural Center, Athens


Puzzle Festival, having the city of Athens as its epicentre, was created to highlight the diverse pieces that compose the artistic puzzle of a modern intercultural capital.
The festival showcased the artistic work of Athens-based immigrant artists from all the fields of art: music, theatre, dance, cinema and fine arts.

Puzzle Festival suggested and promoted the important work of artists from different nationalities who live in our city, as an effort to bring to the surface an essential tuck of multicultural Athens, which has been the point of convergence of a strong and influential immigration wave over the last decades.

Puzzle Festival initiated a fertile dialogue around the cultural background of a modern metropolis and opened up a channel of communication with the modern “cosmopolitans”, who now more than ever understand the need for breaking binary oppositions, especially in the field of arts.


Social Structure Inc.
Theatre Performance.
Directed by: Kris Radanov
Synopsis: A project based on an autobiographic piece of Krastio Radanov. A monologue about the communistic past of the Eastern Block.

Random Country_Random Poet.
Theatre Performance.
Directed by: Enke Fezollari (Albania)
Art Director: Ira Spagadorou
Assistant Director: Eytyxia Kiourtidou
Performers: Sotiria Leonardou, Enkellent Fezollari (Albania)
Synopsis: A project based on the Pantelis Boukalas poem “the foreign land of language” : three bodies, in a continuous trip of seeking their personal identity, are testifying their own foreign land.

Dialith’im Christaki/Kintoi.
Theatre Performance.
Directed by: Mania Papadimitriou
Music by: Themistoklis Karpodinis
Performers: Antela Proi (Albania), Themistoklis Karpodinis
Synopsis: A project based on two novels by Satiris Dimitriou

Say Something Good To Me.
Theatre Performance.
Directed by: Irene Fourtouni
Video Projection by: Maria Piatkova, Helena Atraskievic
Performer: Ilias Algaer (Russia)
Synopsis: A performer with his contrabass – as a second body – on stage. He discovers the music dimension of a journey through time and space of a united country. Within short, ongoing stories, journey becomes the country.

Dance Performance.
Choreography by: Ediy Lame (Albania)
Performers: Maria Fountouli, Daphne Stavropoulou
Synopsis: A dance performance about events, experiences and facts which have influenced and shaped us. Not managing to be expressed, they follow us like our shadow..

Dance Performance.
Choreography by: Aleksander Qejvanaj (Albania)
Dramatization: Marilia Chrysospathi
Performer: Daphne Stavropoulou
Synopsis: A short story about a child who got lost into the adults’ beliefs, within the limits of someone else’s fear, just because he once desired to satisfy his insticts and get his own life lesson with spontaneous enthusiasm.

Dasho Kurti (Albania).
Music Performance.

Edison Bregu – Eno Kalo (Albania).
Music Performance.

Elisavet Klonovskaya – Helena Ysmanova (Russia).
Music Performance.

David Lesia – Larisha Zichareva (Ukraine).
Music Performance.

Jury Stupel (Bulgaria)-Georgia Polyneiki (Cyprus).
Music Performance.

Film Screenings
Tribute to the director Bujar Alimani
To katoi / Tο κατώι (2002) / short film
Gas / Υγραέριο (2006) / short film
Busulla / Πυξίδα (2007) / short film
Tribute to the director Irina Boiko
The thief / Ο κλέφτης (2005) / short film
By the side of blue blue sea / Δίπλα στην άκρη της μπλε – μπλε θάλασσας (2006) / short film
Happy new year mom / Καλή χρονιά μαμά (2007) / short film
Feature Films
Eduart (2006 ) / Aggeliki Antoniou
The return / Η επιστροφή (2006) / Vasilis Douvlis
Rakushka (2004) / Fotini Siskopoulou / feature film
Miroupafsim / Μιρουπαφσιμ (1997) / Yiannis Korras – Christos Voupouras
Liubi / Λιούμπη (2005) / Laya Yourgou
Ephemeral town / Εφήμερη πόλη (2000) / Yiorgos Zafiris
Short Films
partners (2008) / Josefina Markarian / short film
Does anybody hear me? / μ’ ακούει κανείς; / Tasos Gerakinis / short film
Ismael / Ισμαήλ (1994) / Yiorgos Zafiris / short film
The best bride / Την καλύτερη νύφη (2008) / Neritan Zintziria / short film
Artists presented in Fine Arts Exhibition
Elizabeth Tantesse / Ethiopia / painter
Mohammed Di Di Fadul / Sudan / painter
Aytantil Topuria / Georgia / painter
Moncef Mansi / Tunisia / painter
Moiz Salman / Sudan / painter
Eugenia Logvinovska / Ukraine / illustrator
Gagik Altunian / Armenia / painter – sculptor
Khalinka Gheorgieva / Bulgaria / painter
Stefan Georgiev / Bulgaria / painter
Fatih Abd El Rahim / Sudan / painter
Sofia Tvalabeisvhili / Georgia / painter
Svetoslav Pavlovski / Bulgaria / painter
Marieta Todorova Pavlovska / Bulgaria / painter
Konstantinos Bedia / Albania / painter
Borislav Naster / Bulgaria / painter
Altin Pazeli / Albania / sculptor
Anna Golovinskaya / Russia / painter
Branko Popovic / Bosnia – Herzegovina / painter
Oksana Chaus / Ukraine / painter
Jacek Skaza / Poland / sculptor [/tab]


Initiative – Organisation – Production: plays2place productions
Aristic Director: Martha Bouziouri
Producer: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos
Technical Supervisor: Nickos Myrtou
Press Officer: Carmen Zografou
Videos: Vasilis Katsardis, Aspasia Koveou
Graphic Design: Bend

Under the auspices of
Municipality of Athens

With the support of
Aggelon Vima Cultural Center