FORMAT: Research Project


MINDEPENDENCE is a cross-media research project about media independence and freedom of expression in priority countries where these values are at stake.

MINDEPENDENCE was conceived with the aim to contribute to this particular challenge, both within Europe and beyond, by addressing the following aspects:
– local framework of media independence in each priority country
– fields of engagement and respective challenges of independent media organizations (e.g organized crime, corruption, human rights violations)
– identification of values and personal ethics from the reporters’ perspective
– identification of cases of abuse against journalists (threats, censorship, dismissals, detentions)

MINDEPENDENCE has teamed up with a vigorous network of journalists, researchers and media experts, as well as local and international institutions working in the fields of democracy and civic rights.

The project has received a match fund by MitOst and Ernst Schering Foundation in the framework of the kultur-im-dialog program.
It is also supported by Tandem – Cultural Manager Exchange Network.