Bonnie and Clyde


Directed by Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos
FORMAT: Stage Performance
PREMIERE: 9 March 2012, Technopolis Cultural Centre, Athens


“We have chosen to live lives less ordinary …”
Crossing the state border in a stolen Ford V-8 with a trunk full of sawn-off shotguns and bootleg whiskey, Bonnie and Clyde have found one last place to hide. Time is ticking – they’ re on the run from the law and from reality, but which one will catch them first?
Based on the true story and set in the turbulent years after the financial crash of ’29, in an unnamed state of the American South, the play is an intimate re-telling of the final hours of one of the world’s most infamous criminal couples.
Breaking the fictional glamor that accompanies their identity, the performance outlines the profile of two antihero, bringing to the surface the vulnerable, everyday, human dimension, a few hours before their impending annihilation. The glory and the freedom they dreamed shows one way. And they will follow it together. Till the end.
Funny, tough, tender and deeply existential, the performance introduces us in a private universe, away from the distorting lens of the media and the furious instincts of civilized society, giving its heroes some last intimate moments to confront their fears, tο dream and to reconcile before the end comes harsh.


Martha Bouziouri
Lefteris Vasilakis

Playwright:Adam Peck
Director: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos
Translator: Martha Bouziouri
Choreographer: Ioanna Apostolou
Lights Designers – Photographers: Orfeas Emirzas – Thomas Arsenis
Art Director: Dimitra Panagiotopoulou
Music Composer: Giorgos Taifakos
Vocals: Athina Routsi
Publicist: Marianna Rizou
Producer: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos

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