A TV series by Kostas Gerampinis
CATEGORY: Crime Drama
RUNTIME: 8×54′
LANGUAGE: Greek, Serbian, Albanian


Athens, present day: a place where financial inequality and social instability prevail.
Two homeless people find themselves caught in the middle of a mafia shootout and steal a gun loaded with ten bullets from the fallen successor to the Serbian mafia throne. They decide to use the gun to seek justice and reclaim their chances in life. They are being hunted by the mourning Serbian mafia boss, who is also escalating a war against the Albanians who ordered the hit. A female detective is entrusted with both cases and finds herself trapped between her desire to do her duty, and her own personal interests.

10 BULLETS is an eight-part TV series revolving around a gun loaded with ten bullets; the series is character driven and infused by the anger and disappointment permeating contemporary Greek society; it is a raging mix of social cinema, TV crime drama and the Gangster genre.


Showrunner: Kostas Gerampinis
Writers: Kostas Gerampinis, Pavlos Methenitis
Producers: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos, Mirko Bojovic

plays2place productions
BaBoon Production

Developed through
MIDPOINT TV Launch 2017

Participated in
Sarajevo Cinelink Industry Days 2017 (MIDPOINT C21 Media Award)

Supported by
Creative Europe Media Programme