plays2place productions

PLAYS2PLACE is a cultural production company specialising in the implementation of cross-media and research projects and in the development and production of films, TV Series and theatre performances.

The company’s vision is to deliver original and compelling concepts and stories by taking creative risks, discovering new talents and exploiting the opportunities of radical and innovative means.

PLAYS2PLACE was founded in 2008 in Athens by the cultural manager and social anthropologist Martha Bouziouri and the film producer Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos and has evolved into an innovative matrix of cutting edge professionals, attempting to apply its vision into four diverse but overlapping cultural sectors.

PLAYS2PLACE is one of the leading cross media companies in Greece and EUROMENA region, specialized in developing innovative concepts, merging the fields of ethnographic research, art and applied intervention.

The company’s vision is to promote the values of diversity, equality, awareness and civic engagement and to develop models for inclusive, participatory, engaging cultural activities with applied social impact, with a special interest and expertise for projects for/with immigrant and refugee populations.

PLAYS2PLACE has developed long-lasting synergies and affiliations with important European and EUROMENA networks and organizations such as the Goethe Institute, Robert Bosch Foundation Network, Cultural Innovators Network, Tandem/ShamlProgramme and European Alternatives.

Its projects include the “Dome Project”, a network of more than 100 solidarity organisations from Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

PLAYS2PLACE is an award-winning film production company, dedicated in developing and producing compelling cinematic stories for the international audience.

Based and operating in Greece, is working towards the empowerment of the contemporary Greek film industry, with a special focus on discovering new aspiring filmmakers and developing their first and second features.

PLAYS2PLACE is a member of EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) and EDN (European Documentary Network) and aims to emerge as a key player in the European film industry by building up a roster of high-quality international projects.

Its filmography includes “Miss Violence” (Silver Lion for Best Director and Coppa Volpi for Best Actor in Venice IFF 2013).

PLAYS2PLACE launches its TV Series slate with the aim to deliver high-end, cinematic stories for the Greek and international audience.

The company’s vision is to develop a creative nest for the finest talents of writers, directors and producers and become one of the European leading companies in delivering cinema-quality series for traditional and emerging platforms.

PLAYS2PLACE is one of the leading theatre production companies in Greece, specialised both in developing its own projects and offering its production services to third parties.

The company’s vision is to develop original and innovative concepts and deliver engaging experiences to the audience. Its slate focuses on documentary theatre and reality theatre, with a special interest for stories reflecting on the contemporary sociopolitical landscape.

PLAYS2PLACE has partnered with the most acclaimed theatre institutions and venues in Greece and its roster includes the stage performances “Traces” and “Family Stories”.


Martha Bouziouri
Cross-media and Theatre Producer
Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos
Films and TV Series Producer
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Michael Sarantis
Marketing Strategy
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Kostis Panagiotopoulos
Head of Production